Missouri Early Learning Standards


Understanding the Missouri Early Learning Standards


The Missouri Early Learning Standards (MELS) are a framework of expectations for what children can do from infancy to kindergarten entry. Using the MELS promotes the understanding of early learning and development, provides a comprehensive set of early childhood educational expectations for children’s development and learning, and guides the design and implementation of curriculum, assessment and instructional practices with young children.

To learn more about the Missouri Early Learning Standards visit the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) website.


Visit the DESE website


Missouri Early Learning Standards Resources


When implementing the Missouri Early Learning Standards (MELS) as an early care and education professional you have the opportunity to collaborate with families in understanding and using the MELS from infancy to five years of age. Talking Points with Families can be used as a resource to share information about the MELS with families. 


Talking Points with Families


For learning activities aligned with the MELS that early care and education professionals can share with families to incorporate into their everyday routines, take a look at the Calendar of Activities.


Calendar of Activities


Access videos to share with families to help deepen their understanding of child development and how they can support their child’s growth and development.


Training Opportunities for Families